Interior Design

- Furniture selection

- Wall covering

- Wall paper

- Window treatment 

- Architectural modeling

- Painting

- ​Lighting


- Kitchen

- Bathroom

- Basement 

- Living / Dining / Family room

- Home Office

- Home Theater Design

- Flooring

- Decorating 


- 3D Rendering

- Space plan / Layout

- SketchUp

- Perspective

- AutoCAD, 2D Floor plan,      

                   2D Elevation



Mohammadreza Zahmati 

The Process

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        The process we take with our clients can be split into three steps; Planning, Sketching the Design, and Selecting materials.

  • ​For the planning process, we sit down with our clients and work through understanding their goal in what they want in their design, what they visualize their place to look like and understanding the total thought process of our clients to better assist them in researching and creating their dream space and idea. 

  • After discussing with our clients their ideas, we then set out sketch out several plans that incorporate various concepts discussed in our meeting with the clients and then once several sketches are drawn, another meeting is held to go over the sketches and modify the plan to narrow down to a specific design that meets all the needs of the client in order to make their dream come to life.

  • Once a design is selected, then the fine tuning of the creative process can truly begin with selecting various materials and colors for their dream space such as the flooring, the lighting, the countertops, cabinets and all the other various aspects of the space we're designing. Throughout this stage, we are in constant communication our clients in case any modifications are to be made. Once their dream is realized, then the space is constructed and their dream space is able become a reality.