Mohammadreza Zahmati 

Ethic Code:

Accessibility: I strive to be available at all time.                 

Honesty: I strive to be honest to my clients all times.                 

Positivity: I strive to think, communication, and act positively.                     

Problem Solving: I strive to solve problems in a timely manner.    

Responsibility: I strive to be responsible and accountable.             


Bernie Brown

     I have known and worked with 

Reza for nearly fours when Reza

worked with my company, Master

Builder Inc. I have found him to

be both personally and professionally,

a person of integrity and honesty,

dedicated to excellence in his work.

During his tenure with us, he

mastered the required carpentry skill

to become a lead carpenter and

interior design within a short time

frame. In addition, after completing

the Entrepreneur Leadership program

at Gallaudet University, he started his

own company in 2006. This is a source

of pride for him and for me. 

The company

‚Äč      MRZ interior Design / Construction LLC is an interior design firm specializing in residential design services ranging from remodeling to renovation of your home in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. No request is too small or too large, as MRZ interior design is capable of working on both large and small residential projects. In today's busy world, it is great to have a trusted contractor whom you can rely on for remodeling, maintenance, and repair work and more. At MRZ interior design, we work hard to ensure that clients are happy. MRZ interior design takes the utmost care in ensuring the satisfaction of our clients and provides services at a reasonable cost to them.


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      It all started in 1987, when I was a draftsman. I began working for a Subway Company in Tehran, Iran. At the same time, I worked as a contractor for an architecture company during the afternoons for four to five years because one of the architects in the Subway Company had his own business, he hired me as a draftsman related in architecture.  A couple of years later, I moved to Japan and worked as subcontractor for two years. I then returned to Iran and opened my own business as a builder, where I worked on constructing residential homes for three years. My company expanded to provide professional kitchen cabinet installations, kitchen design, as well as repairs. after eight years, I sold

my company and moved to United States in 2005. During my time in the United States, I worked as a carpenter at  Master Builder, Inc for two years. I then went on to complete my training and became skilled enough to establish a small business, Reza Design / Remodeling Company in 2006 to 2014. In January 2011, I attended the Art Institute of Washington D.C where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design (BFA) in June 2014.  I look forward to starting a new chapter of my life as an interior design consultant at MRZ Interior Design /Construction LLC where I will continue to strive to provide quality services to my customers.